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Nepal has tremendous verities of climates. The lowland plains are tropical, the middle land (midland) hills are temperate and the high mountains have sub-arctic and artic condition.

For trekker, the fall and the spring offers the best clarity mountain view is a big reason to travel to Nepal and mild temperature.

This Nepal trekking package is exciting and adventurous as you walk for 14 days past high mountain peak , bright mountain glacier, deep canyons, colorful villages as well as places of great spiritual significance.

Best Trekking season: –
Autumn (September-November)
Autumn season is considered as the best season for trekking in Nepal. September, October and November are fall in this trekking season in Nepal. Trekking in this season offers excellent weather and tantalizing mountain views. Temperature is moderate, making it a good time for any trekkers. The sky is generally clear with outstanding views. Occasionally short storms may dump considerable snow at high altitudes.

Winter (December-February)
Generally, the days are clear in winter season in Nepal. December, January and February months are cold days in mountain. In Nepal winter season is usually filled with snow fall in higher elevations with risky winds and colder temperatures. Hence it’s ideal for trekking in the lower elevation. If you are looking for suitable and incredible scenery, this is a great time to Trek in lower elevations.

Spring (March-May)
Spring season in Nepal is also considered as the best season to do the trekking and mountain climbing. This season offers different varieties of wild flora blossoming of the giant rhododendrons above 3000m and hunting paradise during this season, which makes higher altitude trekking more comfortable and interesting. It is mildly warm at lower elevations and quite moderate temperature at higher elevation over 4000m, which provides spectacular and excellent mountains views. March, April and May months are fall in this trekking season in Nepal

Summer (June-August)
June, July and August are the main rainy season in Nepal and involves monsoon with heavy rainfall which makes trekking conditions unfavorable. This season is ideal time for Trekking and tour to Tibet however, in some Trekking regions of Nepal connecting to Tibet and desert parts of Nepal like Mustang, Nar-Phu valley and Dolpo regions are best for trekking. Summer trekking a great alternative behind the Himalayas rain shadow area.

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Trekking REGIONS


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Langtang Region

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Annapurna Region

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